Who we Are?

TAS Holding Limited is a part of TAS Group, founded in 1998, which is one of the largest and fastest-growing financial and industrial groups in Ukraine.

Business interests of the TAS HOLDING LIMITED include:

  • Industry sector
  • Agro industrial sector

TAS HOLDING LIMITED conducts its business in accordance with modern international standards, ensuring high levels of profitability of the share capital, facilitating the development of markets in which it is present and responding to the demands and needs of all clients.

We owe our success to continuous improvement, adherence to advanced technologies and management practices and qualified professionals. The main asset of the company is a solid team of employees who combine the corporate values ​​of the company with a focus on leadership. The company is constantly developing and provide to its partners the best solutions for cooperation and revenue growth. The effectiveness of our work is measured not only by our financial performance, but also by the company’s positive reputation in its markets.

The founder and main shareholder of the TAS HOLDING LIMITED and the TAS Group and its managing company is Mr. Sergiy Tigipko.

Our Business

The industrial assets of TAS Holding Limited include manufacturing of rail cars, steel casting parts and components for rolling stock.

Stark LLC

The history of the development of the company is more than seventy years old. During these years the company stablished close economic ties with many enterprises of glass, foundry, metallurgy, machine-building, porcelain and faience, construction and other industries, both Ukraine and abroad.

The company develops the Vishnevskoye sands field located in the East of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region. The production capacity of the company for the extraction of sands is more than one million tons per year. Provision of raw material is more than fifty years. Method of development – open.

Thanks to the use of up-to-date technologies, the company has developed a powerful mining and concentrating complex. Because of continuous improvement of the professional level of specialists of the collective, the company managed to achieve considerable success in the development of new markets and increase the quality of products.


The agro industrial assets of TAS Holding Limited include trading and agricultural production, represented mainly by crops growing – cultivating of sunflower, corn, wheat, barley and soya beans. The company owns cattle and dairy herds along with the grain storages.

TAS Pharmacy

The pharmacy chain TAS Pharmacy was established in August 2009. This decision was made in connection with the new stage of development of the company, which is part of the group TAS. The mission of the company is to become the national pharmacy leader, we care about the health of the population and promote a culture of healthy lifestyle.


TAS Link

TAS LINK is a high-tech and innovative company specializing in payment solutions.
We offer our clients the opportunity to build high-performance business in payments and payments, reduce operational risks and costs, and increase competitiveness. The company provides reliability, fault tolerance and continuity of technological processes, applying best practices and industry standards.

TAS LINK is registered by the National Bank of Ukraine as the operator of payment infrastructure services with the right to provide processing operational, information and other technological services.
TAS LINK is certified by the National (Prostir) and International (Mastercard, VISA) payment systems as an independent processing center


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